Maximise Your Flower Budget

If you’ve left the flowers to the end of your wedding to-do list out of sheer dread, then follow these tips to make the most of your budget.


If lots of flowers are what you want but your budget will not comply, then a compromise is in order. Forget tropical palms from hotter lands, and think about more locally sourced buds. Using in-season flowers from a florist close to home is one of the top ways in which to slash your flower budget. Not only will you be supporting your local businesses, but you’ll have the freshest cuts, which haven’t had long to travel meaning as soon as your guests reach your venue, they will be overcome with the immediate smell of fresh flowers as soon as they open the door.


Keep an eye on your calendar when booking your wedding as the hike in prices for flowers around holiday seasons such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s and Christmas are astronomical, with not only the demand for flowers increasing, but the prices also. On the plus side, this could also play in your favour. Holding your wedding on a holiday means the church or registry office you have chosen will more than likely already be decked out for the festivities, leaving you only the reception venue to decorate. Cheerful, cost effective and guests are none the wiser.


If finances are an issue, bulk out your bouquets, centrepieces and reception room with lots of ivory or ferns. The green hues will bring in the vast peacefulness of the outdoors, creating a calming environment and these cuts are far less expensive to buy than flowers, so you can create the illusion of plentiful bouquets for a mere fraction of the costs. This idea is perfect if the theme of your day is a rustic feel with green, mossy archways and an abundance of wild growing ivory.


If your budget doesn’t stretch too far where your flower arrangements are concerned, create the illusion of a fully decorated room by renting some trees to adorn your room. Create an even more romantic ambience by decorating the branches with some fairy lights and romantic hanging love hearts to set the mood for guests. The trees will not only prove to be a fantastic talking point, but will also make for some beautiful pictures to have as a keepsake.


Make your ceremony flower budget work twice as hard and bring them to the reception. How much time are you really going to spend in your ceremony space? It seems a shame to waste them, especially if you’ve paid for them, so make an arrangement to transport your ceremony flowers to your reception to save you having to spend money on decoration flowers twice.


While most brides have undoubtedly received flowers at some point in their lives, after spending a few minutes meeting with a wedding florist, you can feel like a foreign exchange student in and overwhelming bridal wonderland. Read on for a crash course in bridal bouquet styles to help you choose the perfect one for your big day.

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