What Your Wedding Flowers Mean?

Flowers are the focal point of every bride’s day. From the bouquet to the arrangements, it’s imperative you get it right. Depending on your personality and style, your assortment of flowers should be unique and personal to you. But selecting the perfect flowers for your big day is not all down to appearances, sometimes it can be all about the significance of the meaning behind each one. The language of flowers comes from Victorian times, when people sometimes used symbols and gestures to communicate, rather than words.

If you’re finding it difficult to decide what flowers to choose for your big day, why not make your decision based on the romantic meaning behind them? Choosing your wedding flowers based on their meaning can be the perfect way to personalise your big day. What’s more romantic than a bouquet that means marital happiness? Remember, before you make the final decision for your bouquet and arrangements, make sure they have a positive, romantic meaning of love and happiness instead of the anonymous, undesirable connotations like infidelity and jealousy.

Calla Lilies

A simple yet stunning idea for your flower choice, an all-white lily bouquet can give your wedding that sophisticated and classy ambiance that every bride loves. Symbolising magnificent beauty, calla lilies are just that. Whether you opt for all-white or a deep and divine purple, this arrangement is beautiful. Perfect for a variety of weddings, this flower’s versatility can bring you from an outdoor simple wedding to an indoor sophisticated occasion.


Probably the most popular wedding flower, roses are a stunning choice for bouquets, centrepieces, corsages and buttonholes. This flawless flower has a different meaning depending on the colour, so be careful when choosing your favourite one. While red signifies passionate love, ivory roses depict infidelity, so remember to research the colour and flower properly, before making that all-important decision. Pink roses represent perfect happiness and yellow roses mean friendship or platonic love.


Hydrangeas depict understanding, and are a beautiful choice for both bouquets and arrangements. It’s no surprise that brides love to choose these gorgeous flowers for their big day, especially during summer months, when this blossom is in season and extremely affordable. Available in an array of stunning colours, hydrangeas can be extremely versatile. Whether you opt for an outdoor wedding or a formal affair, this flower is perfect and suitable for both. We are loving the blush pinks for outdoor weddings in spring and summer.

Baby’s Breath

Representing innocence, these cloud-like and delicate flowers are perfect bouquet fillers on your special day. In season all year round these inexpensive blossoms are a beautiful addition to add to your arrangement. Whether you decide to pair it with another flower or leave it simply on its own these modest blossoms can make a big impression on your special day. We particularly love baby’s breath for spring and summer weddings.


This stunning flower signifies love and beauty, making it an exquisite and elegant choice for your wedding day. With over 20,000 types of orchids, including the most popular phalaenopsis, dendrobium and vanda, you’ll be left spoilt for choice. We love the all-white phalaenopsis bouquet for both spring and summer weddings, giving your day that bright and airy atmosphere.


Meaning marital love, it’s no wonder the stephanotis is a traditional and popular bridal flower. Striking, starry white blooms with a delicious scent, this flower is perfect for both bouquets and arrangements. The great thing about this blossom is the fact it’s in season all year round, making it perfect for you wedding, whatever time of year.


Perfect for autumn weddings, sunflowers represent adoration. We love the simplicity of a singular sun flower for a bouquet piece. This look is perfect for rustic outdoor weddings, boasting a bohemian atmosphere.


The soft and romantic petals of peonies are perfect for spring and summer brides. Representing healing, this lush flower boasts a stunning array of colours and styles. Whether you opt for pastel pinks or rich red, you won’t be disappointed.

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