Wedding flowers are not just for the bride and bridesmaids; they are also for the handsome men of the Groom’s party. While they may not be carrying a fancy bouquet down the aisle, a simple yet stylish wedding boutonniere or corsage can really add a nice touch to their tuxedos. You are not limited to what you see here. These are only samples of the corsages that we have created for our previous wedding.

Each corsage is created specifically for the groom and groom’s party, whether you have your own ideas or are looking for inspiration or originality, we take the time to work with you to select, plan and create flowers which compliment your style, personality and any theme you may have chosen for your wedding. We can also create matching bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, flowergirl baskets, or flowers for your ceremony or the venue. Let us design unique corsages to fit your wedding!

Turn your wedding idea into reality! Contact us or call us on 086 3335168 for free consultation, remember to quote the corsage style you like.

  • Corsage Style 17
  • Corsage Style 16
  • Corsage Style 15
  • Corsage Style 14
  • Corsage Style 13
  • Corsage Style 12
  • Corsage Style 11
  • Corsage Style 10
  • Corsage Style 9
  • Corsage Style 8
  • Corsage Style 7
  • Corsage Style 6
  • Corsage Style 5
  • Corsage Style 4
  • Corsage Style 3
  • Corsage Style 2
  • Corsage Style 1
  • Corsage Style 1

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