The key questions to ask before ordering your bouquet!

Do you dither when choosing a bunch of flowers, let alone ordering your wedding bouquet? Just make sure you ask these key questions…

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1Which flower will suit the style of my day?

Whether you’re going for a modern or a traditional look, your choice of flowers should suit the style of your wedding. The expertise of your florist is vital here. Make sure he or she understands the atmosphere you want to create, so they can suggest flowers to match. At your first consultation with your florist, take along any ideas you have and pictures of your dress and the bridesmaid dresses, to help them build up a detailed picture of your day.

2Can I see examples of your work?

Looking through a florist’s portfolio is a good way to get an idea of their style. However, it’s even better to see real samples of their work. Watch out for attention to detail – are the flowers fresh and is the ribbon binding the bouquet stems tight? This level of care is vital and will make all the difference to your wedding flowers. Do take some time out to view our gallery and samples of our previous work.

3 Can you advise me about which colour scheme to choose?

This largely comes down to personal preference, but your flowers should also coordinate with your venue. For example, if your venue has a distinctive red carpet you’ll probably want to avoid bright pink flowers. If you’re undecided, white is a safe bet as you’ll have a huge range of flowers to choose from, and it’s a classic choice.

4Which flowers will be in season on my wedding date?

Locally grown, seasonal flowers are better value and quality than those flown in from abroad. So, the time of year you’re getting married will determine the flowers that will be available. If the blooms you want aren’t in season, your florist should suggest alternatives.

5What bouquet shape will suit my dress?

The style you choose should complement your figure and the shape of your dress. A good florist will have images of the most popular bouquets, from trailing shapes to neat hand-tied posies. If you’re unsure of the best shape for you, ask your florist’s advice and try holding a few samples to see which feels the most comfortable.

6How can I stick to my budget?

A good florist will know how to produce designs you can afford, rather than insisting you spend more. Ask them to give you a detailed quote at an early stage so you can negotiate if necessary.

7How much time do you need to decorate the wedding venue?

Your florist may need access to your ceremony and reception venues much earlier than anyone else. If they plan to assemble large arrangements at the venue, it’s also a good idea to ask if they’d like a room or space of their own, well away from where your other suppliers might be setting up.

8Can you transport my ceremony flowers to the reception?

Altar displays, pew-ends and other ceremony displays can often be re-used very effectively at the reception, and doubling up like this is a great way to save money. Ask if this will work with your wedding flowers and, if so, make sure there’s a firm plan in place for transporting them.

9When will the flowers be delivered?

It’s important to talk about timings and addresses of where you want your flowers delivered. Is there a maximum distance they will travel? If you want your bouquet and buttonholes delivered to different locations, make it clear.

10When and how do I pay?

Payment methods vary, so it is best to discuss the details with your florist. Most companies require you to leave a deposit, with the remainder of the payment due about a week before the big day.

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