Flower care guide

Keeping Fresh Flowers Fresh

On delivery of your fresh flowers or collection from our shop, re-cut all the stems before you put them in a vase, this will ensure that they can absorb the water. Always cut the stems at an angle using a knife or very sharp scissors. Place the flowers immediately in clean water, you can use a flower food if you wish but remember clean-cut stems and fresh water are all you really need. Make sure there are no leaves under the water line – if left under or on the water they will rot and ruin the fresh water.
The above should be repeated everyday – remove any dead flowers immediately.
Flowers need to breathe, so give them room. Flowers arranged loosely in a vase will last longer than flowers tightly packed. Allow enough room between stems for air to circulate.
Heat will cause cut flowers to wilt more quickly, so keep them out of direct sunlight.

If you like to cut flowers yourself from your garden, the best time is early in the morning. The air is cool, the plant is filled with stored food, and the flowers are at their most fragrant.

Presentation Floral Bouquets & Handtied

Be careful with Handtied flower bouquets – remember to cut the tie (ribbon) first and then gently remove the cellophane and any tissue or paper – the Handtied flower bouquet will probably have another tie holding the flowers together – cut the stems before cutting the tie and then place immediately into the vase, re arranging where necessary.

Basket & Container Flower Arrangements

These will probably be arranged in Oasis (foam) you will need to top this up on the day you get the flowers and then repeat every 2-3 days – pour a small amount of water into the center of the flower display or check the back and see if you can pour directly into the container.

Basket & Container Plant Arrangements

Check soil on first day and add water if necessary – mist green leaves regularly and remove any old flowers or leaves – often you will find that 1 or 2 of the plants will live for a long time after some of the flowering plants have died – it is a good idea to replant the surviving plants into another container.


Tulips continue to grow after they have been cut – you can re-cut the stems to fit your vase but they can be left to curve and bend – try not to disturb the vase when the petals open as they can drop easily.


Asiatics and Orientals are among the most common along with Longiflorum and Calla. Orientals and Asiatics have a long vase life – keep the water fresh and remove the stem from the flower as they open by gently pulling – this will protect furnishing and clothing.


Remove dead flowers – this will encourage other flowers to open.


Cut stems and place in cold water – don’t over pack the vase – only cut once.


Cut stems with a sharp knife place in water – check vase later in the day as you may need to top up with more water as the flower stems are hollow and suck up the water – take care when removing dead Amaryllis left the water pour out of the stem slowly!


Cut and place into shallow water – top up as required.


Cut all stems with a sharp knife at least an inch from the base – cut at angle – Roses like a large amount of fresh water so try not to put too many stems in a vase – re cut stems and change water everyday.


Cut stems with a sharp knife and place in a vase with water up to halfway full – Gerbera can flop so some supporting foliage is often a good idea.

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